TrackifyX integration steps in Intercart:

  1. TrackifyX: Update Settings > Initiate Checkout On Button Click: Disable
  2. Go to Intercart > More > Integrations: Intercart Extension
  3. Clear "Facebook Pixel ID" (if any)
  4. Click and view "Intercart Extension developer guides and samples"
  5. Check disclaimer "I have read Intercart Extension developer guides and understand the risks of Extension code."
  6. Click "Change"

   7. Paste TrackifyX integration code and click Save

!function (t, r, k, f, y, x) {
window.tfxQueue = [];
if (t.tkfy) return; y = r.createElement(k); y.async = !0;
y.src = f; x = r.getElementsByTagName(k)[0]; x.parentNode.insertBefore(y, x);
}(window, document, 'script', '');
window.receiveMessage = function (event) {
if ('tfxIntercart' in window) tfxIntercart.listen(tfxQueue);

  8. Verify by placing a test checkout using Funnel Preview and Pixel Helper


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