What is Intercart Extension?

Intercart Extension extends Intercart's capability to integrate external apps or trackings. It is a bundle of custom codes that requires technical & development knowledge of Intercart internal APIs and messages.

Understand the risks

Intercart Extension code is a bundle of manual codes which make use of Intercart APIs and message to interact with 3rd party apps or tracking sites; Intercart provides NO support to any manual codes. The samples below are provided by 3rd party apps or tracking and are for reference only. INTERCART MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, SUPPORTS, REGARDING ANY EXTENSION CODES.

What you can do with Intercart Extension?

Developer guides:
-Intercart Extension APIs and events

Sample Integrations:
-FB fire events for extra pixels
-Integration with TrackifyX
-Integration with Pinterest tracking
-Integration with Snapchat tracking
and more coming...

Additional info:
-Update Shopify Additional Script to filter Intercart checkouts


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