Reports & Tracking FAQs:

Q1. My Shopify Online Store conversion rate drop a lot after using Intercart, is it normal?
It is normal to see Shopify's Online store conversion rate drops a lot as "Reached checkout" & "Sessions converted" events are not tracked by Shopify.

  1. Added to cart: show as normal, Intercart does not interfere "Add to cart" event
  2. Reached checkout: Inaccurate as checkouts goes to Intercart
  3. Sessions converted: Inaccurate as checkouts goes to Intercart

For more details, please visit the article: Track conversion rate before and after Intercart

Q2. I find overall revenue in Shopify Analytics Dashboard & Intercart Dashboard are slightly unmatched.
It could happen as Intercart relies on Shopify to provide sales data and it has around 10 minutes delay. Moreover, Intercart revenue is the gross amount, while Shopify Dashboard revenue is with refund counted.

The main purpose of Intercart Dashboard is for funnel performance comparison. To get accurate revenue, please refer to Shopify Analytics. To track funnel performance, please refer to Intercart Dashboard.

More details, please refer to Track performance by Intercart Dashboard.

Q3. How does Intercart calculate conversion rate?

Conversion rate calculation is different from Shopify.

Store conversion rate = no. of sessions / no. of converted sessions x 100%

For detailed definition info, please visit Shopify Analytics docs.

Intercart (Store level or funnel level):
Order conversion rate = no. of orders / no. of checkouts x 100%
Post-upsell conversion rate  = no. of orders with post-upsell / no. of orders x 100%

For Intercart checkout sessions, each unique cart session is counted as one checkout.

Q4. I have set Checkout Zones 100% traffic to Intercart, why do I still see native Shopify checkout in Intercart Dashboard?
Normal traffic will go to Intercart according to zone settings, in some cases, checkouts will skip Intercart and go default Shopify checkout:

  1. Abandoned checkouts (direct checkout URLs to default Shopify checkout)
  2. Marketing emails/sms contain direct URLs to Shopify checkout
  3. Dynamic checkout button (PayPal/Amazon Pay/Apple Pay) on product page
  4. Apps/customized themes contain unsupported checkout buttons
  5. Customer's device network unstable & timeout (~10 sec)

For any other exceptional cases, checkouts will be redirected to Shopify checkout, so Shopify checkout will always be the backup to make sure no checkouts are missed.

Q5. I find there's lots of payment type is "Manual" in Shopify Finance reports after using Intercart, is it normal?
Yes, orders/revenue processed by Intercart are of "Manual" type in Shopify's report as Intercart processes payments without using Shopify's payment gateway.

Q6. What is the difference between "Shopify Checkout" and "Shopify Checkout (Native)"?
Checkouts are both redirected to default Shopify checkout, the difference is:
Shopify Checkout: Checkouts are through Intercart, "Shopify Checkout" funnel is assigned.
Shopify Checkout (Native): Checkouts skip Intercart and are redirected to default Shopify checkout.

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